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Let's stop Russian aggression together!

The Ukrainian army gives a successful rebuff to the enemy, but today everyone's help is needed!

The invasion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine took place on February 24, 2022. Until now, our military and our society bravely hold the line, defending their land, their right to be as a nation and universal human values. The enemy is waging a dirty fight, hitting not only the military, but also the public infrastructure. The civilian population is suffering, children and pregnant women are dying.

Our team cannot stand aside, and we do what we do best, we automate delivery processes. 50% of all our proceeds will be directed to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. By connecting to our service, you will be able to get a high level of Glovo delivery automation along with your POS system. By paying for services, you help not only Ukrainian business, but also contribute to the support of the Ukrainian Army, which is now protecting the entire civilized world from Russian aggression.