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Interactive Menu

The interactive menu is the latest technology that creates a new level of communication between the restaurant and the guest.

Justo system:

  • Combines all modern technologies in one service
  • Creates new cheap sales channels and improves sales
  • Provides powerful marketing tools to attract guests
  • Minimizes the time spent for both service personnel and guests

Contactless customer service on the highest level

How many bad reviews have you received on Google?

Your workers get 100% control over the situation in the establishment when they wear our watches

  • Calling a waiter / hookah man
  • Receiving a new order
  • Request to pay the bill (cash / terminal)
  • Online payment of the bill
  • Online tip
  • Guest feedback

Speed is the new trend in hospitality. Guests shouldn't wait!

Justo Smart Watch

Delivery, pickup and pre-order-new sales channels

How much money do you lose every day?

  • Guests do not come during their lunch break because they do not have enough time to wait for order preparation and paying the bill…
  • It is impossible to place an order through the Telegram bot, website or application…
  • It is impossible to order online from your website when it is found through social networks, web sites or Google search
  • Your restaurant does not provide delivery services
  • Phone orders are easily misplaced…

Connect Justo | Forget about these problems | Earn more!

Create promotions, seasonal offers and test new ones for free!

No more printing menus – Justo saves your money!

  • On the layout development
  • On paper menu prints
  • On paper menu prints in foreign languages
  • On designers, marketers and managers

Everyone has smartphones

Turn on the camera on your smartphone or the QR code scanner in Viber app and scan the code

Justo Interface

For a waiter, marketer and manager

3 levels of control managed by software

  • Smart watch with Justo app installed for waiters, hookahs, bartenders and others
  • Telegram bot for administrator and delivery manager
  • Administrative panel for the owner, marketer and head of establishment for order analytics and service settings

Everyone has smartphones

More than 30 functions for individual settings

  • Ability to place orders on smartphones
  • Call a waiter, administrator, anyone from the staff
  • Unlimited menu levels and categories
  • Multiple languages
  • Menu customization
  • Flexible configuration of messages for staff
  • Automatic updating of the menu and stop list due to one-way integration with the POS system
  • Happy Hours
  • POS-independent Stop List
  • Ability to pay online without waiting for bill
  • Splitting payments into different invoices
  • Online tip for waiters
  • Receiving reviews from guests
  • Analytics on orders
  • Collecting customer data in the admin panel
  • Connecting Google Analytics and Facebook
  • Pixel tracking code
  • Hosting the menu on your domain (url)
  • Ability to post services
  • 18+ Setting (selling alcohol)
  • NFC tags to enter the menu
  • A ready-made tool for accepting orders for a specific time (at the establishment / pick up / delivery)
  • Courier delivery from partners with flexible rates for you and your customers
  • Setting individual discounts on delivery and pickup
  • Delivery radius restrictions
  • Delivery website for restaurant chains
  • Setting up a mini aggregator
  • Ability to save PWA (Progressive Web Application) on the smartphone

Justo service rates


  • Interactive menu without the option of placing an order from a smartphone
  • Multilingual menu
  • Automatic menu update and stop list with the oneway integration with POS system
  • Waiter call button
  • Guest reviews
  • Request a bill indicating the payment method
  • Access to the admin panel for menu editing
  • Connecting Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking code
  • Online technical support



  • Option to order from smartphones
  • Creating bill automatically in the POS system, due to two-way integration
  • Online payments Google Pay / Apple Pay (with the possibility of splitting the bill)
  • Tipping waiters online
  • Possibility of placing an electronic menu on your domain (URL)
  • Pre-orders for the specified time "dine-in / take-out/ delivery"
  • Ability to save the web application "PWA" on smartphones



  • Automatically combine online and offline orders into one bill
  • Ability to pay all bills in one
  • click online
  • QR codes with NFC tags
  • Possibility to place institution services in the interactive menu

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